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Skull Ring Lyrics Big Sugar


Big Sugar - Skull Ring Songtext

Devil in the kitchen
Snake in the grass
Sat naked at the table
And filled his glass

He said, "Take my hand,
Your answer will be here...
Take my hand
And walk this way out of here..."

There was a fire in the basement
Claimed your youth
Did you make your choices
Based on truth?

And the man, he bought the land
In his dying bed
And the angel voices
Were ringing in his head

They say can you get the truth from a liar?
Can it keep you warm without the fire?
The walking blues was laughing, I heard him say
"The answer is inside your skull ring."

Well, my good book tells me I don't need ya
I can get the honey without the sting
Don't need more than fear, well it don't mean a thing
The answer's right inside my skull ring
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