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Big Bopper - Big Bopper's wedding Songtext

And the man keeps saying
Do you take this woman
To be your awful wedded wife
Heh, heh

And then I started thinking
About no more winking
At the pretty little
Gals a-bopping by
No more dancing and new romancing
Lord, it made me want to
Sit down and cry
Aw, no pool shooting and
A rooting and a-tooting
With the boys if I
Take you for my wife
I can't go no place
I gotta look at your face
For the rest of my dog gone life
This is it

Ah, honey, what am I
Doing here in the first place
You know I don't go
For this marriage bit
I was only kidding, hahahaha

And there's your daddy
Sitting over there with a
Shotgun laying across his lap
And a big smile on his ugly face
And the man keeps saying
Are you gonna take this woman
Or ain't ya

[repeat CHORUS]

Honey, what's this jazz about
Love, honor, and obey
That cat's talking to me, heh heh
And look at all these
Good looking bridesmaids
Standing around, heh

Hello, baby
And the man in charge
Keeps saying, lookie here
Do you take this woman
Or don't you

[repeat CHORUS]

And the man keeps saying
Look here, do you take
This woman or don't you
And I say, partner
I don't believe I do
Let me outta here
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