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Forget My Name Lyrics Beyond The Black


Beyond The Black - Forget My Name Songtext

The autumn trees have shed their leaves
A cloudy sky is riddled with your grief
Don't watch me go out in the rain
The days we lost will never come again
I'll disappear, like morning mist
May our dream be captured in a kiss
To find us once and wake us then
Don't ask me now
The wind alone knows when

Forget my name
Forget my name
And let me die

All my sins, forgiven
All my soul is riven
Nothing left - no tears to cry
All is lost, forsaken - torn apart
Forget my name my love and let me die
Forget my name

How dark is the night, how deep your pain
The hurt you feel will never be in vain
You raised me high into the sun
Live in the past if there's no moving on
There is no fight, just destiny

No one to blame, to set your sorrow free
New home will come, you'll find a way
Wish me farewell, there's nothing else to say

Forget my name ...
All my sins, forgiven ...
Forget my name and let me die

Wash away your sadness
Break the chains of grief
Keep your faith together
In the past you'll find relief
Forget my name ...
All my sins, forgiven ...
Forget my name, my love, and let me die
Forget my name
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