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Let Your Love Flow Album

Highway 2-18 (hang on to Your Dreams) Lyrics Bellamy Brothers


Bellamy Brothers - Highway 2-18 (hang on to Your Dreams) Songtext

Lyrics & Music: Howard Bellamy / David Bellamy

Turn the radio up, it's time to get down
Feeling high on the hopes in the wind
Your first lover to love and the lightning above
Taking off to hwere you've never been
Stick your cares in the air, you can go anywhere
When you're lookin' for the rainbow's end
Follow your nose, you're a rambling rose
And it might be just around the bend

Hang on to your dreams
On that highway 2-18
Live everyday, love it away
There's is a whole world you've never seen
Hang on to your dreams
On that highway 2-18
It's great to be young with a song in your lung
So hang on to your dreams

Let the rhythm roll on, let the wheels go 'round
The sky flying by is your friend
And chasing the blue comes natural to you
So now is the time to begin
Sling your fate to the breeze
You can do what you please, sing it out like a mandolin
Trust in your toes 'cause they knows where they goes
They're just following the feeling within ...

Hang on to your dreams
On that highway 2-18...

(c) Copyright 1976 by Famous Music Corp., New York.
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