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Bellamy Brothers - Catahoula Songtext

Well I left Okachobie I was on a quest
Stopped at Wickie Watchi where the mermaids nest
I seen Stock Choppie, I turned it left
Hit Appolachie Cola, headed west
Crossed 2 more states and a drivin' range
Finally reached Lake Ponchatrain
In the bayou town I found my dream
In the purtiest hound you ever seen

Catahoula, best friend I ever had

I scratch his ear and he brings my beer and comforts me when I'm sad
My cajun queen went to New Orleans, spent up all my mullah
Well I don't give a damn I'm a happy man I got a dog called Catahoula

In a plywood shack eatin' e'toupe
Drinkin Dixie beer passin' time away
If the sun goes down on the legs of day
It's time to dance as the accordian plays
We'll hunt them 'possums by a southern moon
Just to hear 'em bark makes my heart swoon
From Atchapali to Chandelou
The zydeco rhythm and my old pal Blue

Well the crawfish boil and the alligators bark
Oh I want a little more tobasco salt
That sawin' fiddle sure feels fine
I'll sing his praise just one more time

I don't give a damn I'm a happy man I got a dog called Catahoula
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