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Let Me Live My Life Lovin' You Babe Lyrics Barry White


Barry White - Let Me Live My Life Lovin' You Babe Songtext

Baby I think we all need to
take an inventory of
our love and our feelings
When its involved with that - with that special lady or that special someone.
When I say "we all" I'm talking about all men.
All the brother's around. The Black brothers, the White brothers, the Brown brothers, the Red brothers
Because you know basically all woman are the same.
And we need to, we need to take in consideration that, that woman is
God's greatest gift to man.
And we need to take in consideration that man are then 10x they will be and they will do anything that we want em to.
You know it doesn't take much, than beautiful flowers, a simple card that says "I love you".
Somewhere to be and say "Baby I need you",
You know that's why I'm so in love and so wrapped up in you baby because, I can give you what God gave me.
The only thing that I feel that I really own is the life, that I live and to you I give this life in my love, you know why?
Just because of love I finally knew, I feel this way.
Never had a dream come true, not until the day, you came into my life.
And made it all so sweet.
Girl you did it all.
You did it all for me.
Please... Let me, live my life. Loving you girl. All the rest of my life my life.
Close, to you girl, no one but you girl.
I dedicate my love, you got my heart and soul. Forever.
The greatest story ever told.
How we love each other.
When the people talk, they will smile and say-say
You the only one, who made it all the way
Hey, Let me live my life loving you-ou-ou you babe, all the rest of my life
Close to you babe.
Come home...
Let me, honey let me live my life my life my life
Woooh babe woo babe woo babe
I, wish that I could find
Another way to show show,
What I really feel.
How much I love you sooooh
Ooooh, Let me live my life, loving you-ou-ou you babe
Rest of my life, close to you babe.
So I give, all that I have to give to you.
But just as long, as you, as you want me to.
Everything baby, the air I breath
The love I need oh
Everything is, everything is you. Only you baby.
Only you.
I guess you could even say its, just another way, to say, I love you.
I need you. I want you.
Let me live my life. Loving you. Rest of my my life, close to you.
mmmmh baby
oooooh baby.
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