Never Gonna Stop Lyrics B3

Album N.Y.B3

B3 - Never Gonna Stop Songtext

U see us busting up the floor
Well if you're not impressed - then what ' cha lookin ' at
Yeah I Know - we're gonna do it 'til we drop
We're always doin'it to the max - and we're never gonna stop

I feel so alive
can u feel it - here it comes again

We can do it at the party - We can do it in the club
Never gonna stop
We can do it together - We can do it alone
Never gonna stop
We can do it all night - We can do it all day
Never gonna stop
That's the way it is - And that's the way we play
And we're never gonna stop

The baseline's shooting up your spine
And the beat - calls your name - what 'cha gonna do
That's right - just get that booty on the floor
You got to dance 'til you drop - 'til you can't dance no more

I feel so alive
Only the music - can make me so high-high-high-high

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