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Turn Me on Lyrics Atomic Kitten

Album Right Now

Atomic Kitten - Turn Me on Songtext

If you like to see me
Cos you want to that's ok
Cos I can make ya feel
You're gonna need to everyday

You're the one I need the most
Shout it out from coast to coast
I will never be the same
Again and again and again

You just turn me on, on and on and on
You just turn me on, on and on and on
On and on
Bet you think that I just
Couldn't wait to be with you
Most 'a' been our destiny
That you would want me too

You're the one who's right for me
I'm the only one you need
Baby when you call my name
Again and again and again


On and onOn and on, turn me on
On and on, turn me on?

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