Absence Equals Abstinence Lyrics Ambry


Ambry - Absence Equals Abstinence Songtext

This town is so cold
But your city looks so bright
I can see you shining in the west
When the sun goes down
You look so big out there
while I remain the same
While I remain so small
Just know that you made me feel so small tonight
Small enough to fit inside this empty bottle
White lies why lie to me?
Hurt me, tell me I'm not worth your missing
My hearts in your hand
Do what you want
I won't find out
if you tear it apart
Your so far gone
it's not even funny
Spare me this suspense and
Tell me you've found someone
white lies all lies
Curve my feelings please
And your random feelings
To make something of your life out there
is that so hard to grasp?
What's wrong with being happy?
is that so much to ask?
My time is of the essence
I can't take this suspenseful thriller ride
This distance requires a stomach
Deep enough to fit hearts inside
And I already can't hold this down
Please just come back home
Don't worry about the outcome
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