Alton Ellis

Remember That Sunday Lyrics Alton Ellis

Featuring Phyllis Dillon

Alton Ellis - Remember That Sunday Songtext

Hmm, remember that Sunday, yeah,
When you told me you loved me, baby,
You're coming to tell me, alright,
That you're gonna walk out on me, baby, baby.

Phyllis Dillon:
Please go on your way, boy,
'Cause I'm not your toy.
Just find yourself someone,
Who will treat you right.

Alton Ellis:
It seems unfair, baby, to treat me this way, yea,
But baby, I love you, I love you true,
But just to be sure, I'm asking once more.

Do you do love me? Oh yes, now do you do care?

Phyllis Dillon:
No, no I don't love you, boy,
And I never will.

Phyllis Dillon:
It's not, it's not unfair to you, boy,
Because I, I didn't care for you, boy.
So darling, just go, just go away,
So once more I tell you, please leave me alone boy..

Alton Ellis:
Ahh, oh, baby, baby, I'm gonna leave you, now.

Phyllis Dillon:
Just go on your way, boy.
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