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Royal Courtship Lyrics Al Stewart


Al Stewart - Royal Courtship Songtext

I sent my majordomo to your amanuensis
To ascertain your feelings and strip away pretences
And then a few days later, you sent back your vizier
And though he spoke quite courteously
His meaning wasn't clear
Not to my majordomo
Not to my majordomo

So I sent my acolyte to further our relations
He engaged your ministers in lengthy conversations
One or two were willing to discuss the matter frankly
We then received your advocate
Who told me that you thanked me
Also my majordomo
Also my majordomo

I therefore told my counsellor to offer my best wishes
And he was greeted cordially with smIles and festive dishes
I further was encouraged by a note in your handwriting
Delivered by your confidant, it seemed you were inviting
My plenipotentiary with great felicitations
To join your chief of protocol in swift negotiations

But something must have happened
A secret door had closed then
The word from my ambassador was you were indisposed
And could not meet my majordomo
There's nothing I can do now
I sent my majordomo
I sent my maiordomo
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