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Out in the Snow Lyrics Al Stewart


Al Stewart - Out in the Snow Songtext

I walked out in the snow
And left no mark upon the ground I trod
The sky, heavy and low
The exhalation of an Arctic God
And I heard words meant for no one
In the air, words out of nowhere
And I saw all at once at my feet
Unexpectedly, a shadow-play

I broke off on a floe
And drifted aimlessly a hundred miles
The wind, beginning to blow
Carried me forward on this boat of ice
And I saw things half-imagined
Far away pictures and pageants
That were lost in a moment like words
From a language that I never knew

And this voyage seemed to be haunted
By a soul, lost and unwanted
Destined to journey through time
Always covered in a coat of white

I walked out in the snow
Never knowing what I came here for
A dream from so long ago
But we don't taik about it anymore
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