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Adam Green

Nothing came out Lyrics Adam Green


Adam Green - Nothing came out Songtext

When I was in middle-school
I had a group of friends
We wore jean jackets and sunglasses
And listened to Duran Duran
There were 6 of us
So when we played it didn't, add up
You see - everybody had a Duran Duran
Boyfriend but me

I wasn't dating Nick Rhodes,
I wasn't dating Andy Taylor,
I wasn't dating John Taylor,
I wasn't dating Roger Taylor,
I wasn't dating Simon Le Bon.
I was sitting by myself with my hood
Pulled up and an aching in my heart
And my Converse on
And my Converse on

My glow-in-the-dark with pink fat laces zebra-striped Converse on

So if you are a kid and no-one
Will play with you,
Stick it out, stay tough,
and you'll turn out super-cool!

Be yourself
Be proud of yourself
You'll be cool

Super cool!

(don't be uncool)
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