Black Hole Lyrics A


A - Black Hole Songtext

Some days go on forever,
Last long into the night,
Some days feel like december,
Although its warm on the inside.
Forget the middle of summer,
I bet you I am alive.
We'll wipe the floors together,
Nice try.

Save it all,
You have all the answers,
Thank you for the memories and hope you go with it.
Crying out,
You have all the anger,
Blame it on yourself again, theres nothing wrong with it.
You're a black hole!

Some days are complicated,
Some ways i'll take the blame,
Some days I take it all to, heart again.
This place is made of panic,
They check you every mile,
Thank god you're going out for, a while.


Nobody noticed what you're talking about,
Nobody's got a clue what you're all about.
Save it all.
Save it all.


You're a black hole!
You're a black hole!
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