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Una canzone d'amore Übersetzung 883


883 - Una canzone d'amore deutsche Übersetzung

One Love Song

If you only had the words
They said to you
Even if it would make me badly
If I knew what to say
I would make it
I would make you know it
If you could imagine it
I would paint
The dream of being able to you to love
If I knew as to make I would write to You, I would write to you


One love song
In order it makes me to remember
One love song
In order it makes you to get sleep
That let out heat
That I do not know to you to explain
One love song

Only for you (4x)

If a day
I succeeded to enter
In the dreams yours
It would appeal to to design to me
On the blackboard of your heart
The dreams mine
The dreams mine you know it
If they could be played
I would record them
And then I would make them to listen
If I knew like making
I would write to you
I would write to you


If I had the words
You could imagine
It was easy to explain
risky to play
If you could tell
If you knew like making
If you knew what to say
Then I would write to you

Refrain... (3x)
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