8 Foot Sativa

Never Abide Lyrics 8 Foot Sativa


8 Foot Sativa - Never Abide Songtext

For you will not control me
I won't be held in chains
Your reign is almost over
Your departure all that remains

The matrix created
Hidden from us all
For eons of years
It's time for its fall

Never abide
Do not be broken
Never abide
Their time is over
Never abide
The choke hold weakens
Never abide
Woke from your slumber

The consciousness inside us
Expanding, breaking free
Cutting through the illusion
Blackend hearts, now in peace

Illuminati control
Rape soul, take energy
An archonic delusion
To assimilate both you and me

Never it can't be done
For now it has begun
Eternal slavery
Blind eyes will never see
Fighting forever to be free
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