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Someone's Mind Lyrics 54-40

54-40 - Someone's Mind Songtext

Take care my foolish heart let them hate
So long as they fear I wonder who's kissing her now
Time stays we go we go
A life we lose by living raising no dust
It's on someone's mind, yeah on someone's eyes
It's on someone's ride, I know what it's like

Desperate disease require remedy
Sweetness of confession can I see
Never contradict, never explain, never apologize
That's the way to go
It's on someone's mind, yeah on someone's eyes
It's on someone's life, on to the bridge it's alright

Someone's life is on my mind
(everybody wants a holiday)
Someone's eyes have mine

Remember ladies chaos breeds life
Rivalry of aim, words are like a knife
Casting the spells on the future of lov
Give me a rise to the men up above
It's on someone's eyes, yeah someone's life
And it cuts your life from that eternal night

Amidst the falling world I stand secure
I turn my ravished eyes to the tech of the future
Nothing is more dangerous than an idea
If you only have one
It's on someone's eyes because someone dies
It's on the Marshall's mind because someone dies

Like I care, two desires toss about
Waiting for the spark from heaven to fall
With its sick hurry and divided aims
Oh yeah baby
It's on someone's mind, yeah on someone's life
on someone's mind in someone's life
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