La Difference: A History Unplugged Album

Since When Lyrics 54-40


54-40 - Since When Songtext

I am falling away from what was you
Only one thing I said I'd never do
I knew something was wrong
When you got all caught up
what was going on and not what was going in
Since when did it matter if the outside
world fit in

Make it believable Love can be beautiful
make it believable
Lay that old burden down you got to turn around
and be a believer

I am leaving today on a loves' lost train
Never thought that I'd be riding on the rails this way
You know as well as I do
That the question has nothing to do
with the money honey and all dem things
Since when did it matter what the outside
world woudl bring

We had a fever so right
And the dream was definately real
As the fever broke so did the dream
Since when did it matter what the outside
world would be
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