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She's a Jones Lyrics 54-40

54-40 - She's a Jones Songtext

Where the night bird sings on earth's human shores
To know the change and to feel it
She forgot the stars the sun and the moon
And her eyes were wild lips were starved turning to poison
It's a beauty that must die Like a murmur in the wind

I can't let her go
Got to have her she's a Jones
Tripping on a dream girl

One day I wrote her name in the sand
And the waves came and washed it back
I wrote it again with a second hand and
All for love, nothing back
Painful pleasure turns to pleasing pain at the end of my mind
It's a beauty that must die
Like a murmur in the wind

In and out and in my head you go with me alive or dead
In and out she got to be a dream girl

It's not about looking at each other
But together in the same direction
Like they did in the golden age
They put their lives in the trust of heaven
And the kindest words she'll ever know are still waiting to be said
It's a beauty that must dei
Like a murmur in the wind
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