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Roll up Rule Lyrics 54-40

54-40 - Roll up Rule Songtext

My eyes are like lenses my ears swinging doors
Admitting all this crap into my mind
And the progress of my soul is blind
To the rock that rolls divine
I have the beast on my back
Again again I'm under attack
When the woes of midnight rise

It's the roll up rule, just keep moving
Baby you be cool with me

Fine sense of madness and the courage yet to dare
Guided by the vanities tossing up the hair
Pride pleasure pomp and plenty
Smile like the rice and feed with many
Damaged people are dangerous
'Cause they know they'll live through this
When the woes of midnight rise

One thing is certain in the grand master plan
Love only visits from the shadow of a hand
The cause is just union perfect
Hunger is a sauce that's worth ti
All your moods go passing through
It's old man wind that's telling you
When the woes of midnight rise
It's the roll up rule
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