Smilin' Buddha Cabaret Album

Once a Killer Lyrics 54-40

54-40 - Once a Killer Songtext

Gonna go one better soon my ride
Is gone away adn no I never
I never stop the play don't lie to
The woman in your bed shake hands
With the killer in your head and all
The same I'm ready to fight you
Don't seem like people to me
Inside there's always a door that
Lets you out to escape away
Shake hands with the killer in your
Head don't lie to the devil in your
Bed miles and miles away when i
Ever look through that door I think
Of flight and I'm tempted by the wind
But when I look beyond her body
She's the dove I'm thinking of
Don't lie to the woman in your bed
Shake hands with the killer in your
Head shake hands with the killer
In your head shake hands with the
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