Smilin' Buddha Cabaret Album

Beyond the Outsider Lyrics 54-40

54-40 - Beyond the Outsider Songtext

Manic mood of a hit and miss
Another dose of unconsciousness
The clouded vision of a gift gone
Wrong this is the story 'bout the
One whose head to get the life
Gave a life instead to be real
Was to lose control you don't
Wanna know nothing's ever
Happened you don't wanna
Know nothing's ever happened
Beyond the outsider the clutching
Hand touches stone backs off to
The rhythm of the also lost I
Dream of Jeannie and don't need
To walk beyond the outsider you
Don't wanna know nothing's ever
Happened you don't wanna know
Nothing's ever happened beyond
The outsider come on baby take
Me to your heart
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