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50 Cent Album

Best Friend Lyrics 50 Cent


50 Cent - Best Friend Songtext

Yeah!It's my tape man, listen to my tape!

Chorus: (2x)
If I was your best friend, I want you 'round all the time
Can I be your best friend, if you promise you'll be mine
Please say he's just a friend now girl let's not pretend
Either he is or he ain't your man please say he's just a friend

If I was your best friend

First we get the talkin, then we get the touchin
If we get pass the phone games we'll be fuckin
I kiss like the french therefore my tongue in your ear
Do it like the dogs do it girl and pull on your hair
For me a different scenery just mean a different position
In the tub or on the sink I improvise now listen
In the chopper or on the jet join the mile high club
I'm no fool I know money can't buy me love
But I'm a different type of nigga that make sure that you know
Instead of a rose, there's a hundred dozen of those
See I see somethin special when I look in your eyes
With your legs way back I see this pussy is mine
If you ain't sure when I'm talkin I don't tell you no lies
But there's things that you say that have me wonderin why
When I don't say what I'm thinkin it don't mean that I'm shy
Got on that shit you picked out for me that's why I'm so fly

Chorus (2x)
If I was your best friend

While you in your bubble bath I'll come wash on your back
When you puttin on your lotion I can help you with that
I sit and think of things to say that may make you smile
Or give you gifts from my heart to reflect my style
Or slang I use when we build may change how you talk
And if I'm focused while I'm strokin I could change how you walk
There's a swagger that you calm but when you come from New York
I'm a hustler I just hustle in the things that I bought
Separate me from the rest, I feel like I'm the best
If there's a price to pay for feelin you I pay that twice
I'm as ghetto as it gets girl you know that's right
I ain't got nothin to hide baby I tell you my secrets
'Fore you end up bein 'round long enough to peep shit
I get closer to you, I mean closer than close
I get into you, after I take off my clothes
Girl I been into you, mentally long before

Chrous (2x)
If I was your best friend
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