The Mourning After Album

Alienation Lyrics 40 Below Summer


40 Below Summer - Alienation Songtext

What it cost me
to assimilate myself
It engulfed me
and turned me into somebody else
It is crashing right into your face
Everlasting it seems
to suffer in this
Please release me,
please release me

Nothing I can do
will change my life
Everything I had
was never mine to keep inside
If I could give myself a new face
Then maybe I could join the human race

Time has frozen for me
the walls are closing in
I am sinking in greed
and trapped inside my skin
I am running away
and getting nowhere fast
I am thinking
how long just how long can this last
Erase me,
please erase me [Refrain]

And I rise above it all 9x
And I run away [Refrain]
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