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The Mourning After Album

A Season in Hell Lyrics 40 Below Summer


40 Below Summer - A Season in Hell Songtext

This, this is a dark
this is a place
I can't escape
would you leave me here
Lying in wait
hanging like baits
strangled by fate
would you even care
This is my curse
this is my life
this is my Christ my crown of thorns
This is the way
the way that I die,
die and be reborn
Dying to touch you I need you I love you
to make me to mold me to break me again
I can't deny
that I'm hurting inside
as I'm pulling you close
you push me away

As I look just to find my existence
and open my eyes
I can't breath as you push me aside
Now I feel that it's time to die
as I realize
how you let me believe in a lie
As I struggle with both hands
and I try to arise
from the sadness inside of myself
I cannot breathe
I'm burning alive
cause I've lived through a season in hell

Look, look at my face
shaded in gray
wasting away
I'm almost gone
I can't replace
this empty space
you left me all alone
Why can't you see me
I'm hanging here bleeding
it's tortured and twisting my insides apart,
Laughing and crying
as everything dying in me
And it's breaking my heart [Refrain]

(Save me now (18x))
(I'm in the shower (3x))
(of your love (15x))
Can you feel
your life pass you by
Can you see the sun in the sky
Life is calling you again, again
(Can you feel the end? (6x))
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