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5 Lb. Bag Lyrics 40 Below Summer


40 Below Summer - 5 Lb. Bag Songtext

Turn your back, turn around every day
Lay the smack down, come around, make us bleed
Put your hands on, touch em there, everywhere
Put your hands on, leave em down in despair
Put your boots on, kick em right in the mouth
Dig a hole now, put em back in the ground
Bring your ass on and make em burn deep inside
Don't bring up the pain
there's too much to hide

Don't cry
don't sleep,
don't try to even speak
Don't lie
don't weep
Don't you walk away from me

Pick the pace up, but you can't get away
Better behave - better be doin what I say
Get your rocks off, as it's gonna beat you down
Kick your face in, bring you in with the sound
I'm tellin you now, better open up your eyes
Comin through now, gonna make you realize
Better back off, can't take the pain
Over and over and over again


Hurts on your weak side,
you can't run, you can't hide
The beatings that break you burn and they take you [repeat]

How much can you take till you break
Nowhere to run, nowhere to escape
Sometimes, you just wanna hide
Throw up your hands and get suicide
Oh, please, just like this disease
You're weak in the heart and weak in the knees
So back off and line em up and
I know we've all had enough
Ain't no time for hesitation
Ain't no time for subjugation
Now's the time for castration
Now's the time for devastation

you're worthless,
I'm worthless,
we're all worthless
you're worthless [2x]
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