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No Place Like Home Lyrics 4 Non Blondes


4 Non Blondes - No Place Like Home Songtext

When I wake up in my house
I get dressed when I get lost
I don't know which way to go
I guess I'll have a cup of Joe
Where the hell was I anyways
So I end up on the street
Walkin' talkin' to my own beat
In a fog, in a haze
I've been trippin' out for days
Can you hepl me find my way home
Don't rock the boat now, just let it slide
Groovy people walking back and forth, that's right
So I hop onto this bus
Destination reads please save us
Not a soul that know
To be found in this dark hole
Can you help me find my way home
Can you help me find my way home
I'm so tired of looking for the door
Please help me find my way
Please help me find my way
I can't find the door
Where I am now, where I am now
I find myself just out there floating
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