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3T - Sex Appeal Songtext

Girl, I love your sex appeal
And it's driving me wild, baby
You got me hooked in every way
There's just something 'bout the way that you move
Now, I know I worked it well
So there's no use in fightting it, baby
And you knowyou like it too
Let's get together and do it again, come on, girl

I love your sex appeal
When you shake it, I can't take it no more
Ilove the way it feels
I gotta have it...your sex appeal

You turn me on, no doubt about it
Every time I rib against you, babe
I lose control, thinkin' about it
You make me wanna go and do some thangz to you, babe
Now, I know, you want it too
So tell me what you wanna do
Come on, baby


Girl, you got me this situation
Sex me up and set my body free now
I'm feelin' for some sexual attention
Come on, girl, and put it down to me

Just bring your body to me
I don't understand the reason
Why you're playing hard to get, girl
Why don't you just give it up
To me, babe

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