The Tide and Its Takers Album

Absent Are the Saints Lyrics 36 Crazyfists


36 Crazyfists - Absent Are the Saints Songtext

with so many words we stand upon our dreams
with all the hell around
it's exactly what it seems
lying at the bottom we can't derive our fate

in the dead of night
absent are the saints

changed man, will change
there only two kids
ones with truth inside and one with plague inside

i don't want to see it all come crashing down
down in the ocean
altering the course
untangle this weight and send off with poison

mountain size the pain
if ceased would bring us sound
no clarity to shape the lost all went unfound
but with the hope of man
shine faith from all unseen
braided hands that reach for nothing but belief

changed man, will change

hope lives unlost
gain strength at all costs

absent are the saints
absent are the saints
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