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3 Feet Smaller - Recover Songtext

another day has gone by and i'm feeling tired
what's wrong with myself everything seems so wired
i can't relax cause tomorow will just be the same

i would do everything just to get home
i need a holiday very soon
the cause is every day the same..

and now I need a recover, I need a day off
i never thought that it's so hard to slip off
no time for a shower, only one hour
and we're on our way driving by bus to our next show

Why am I doing this? soon have a clue
i miss my friends and I miss my bedroom
can't someone put me in airplain and send me home?

it's one of those days i'm just feeling redundant
I am under pressure the soundcheck isn't done
and I would lie if I say I am happy

and now I need a recover....

why am I doing this?....

its one of those days....
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