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December 32nd Album

Better off Dead Lyrics 3 Feet Smaller


3 Feet Smaller - Better off Dead Songtext

I'd like to welcome you to your last breaht my friend
This is your end
Please let your hair down and make yourself at home
Say your prayers

Eat my puke
Lick my shit
Drink this bottle of urin
Look at me
I said look at me
I'm gonna pull your theeth out

The screwdriver in your eye looks pretty nice
And painful too
Let's see if you can handle more pain, let's see if a ballpen hurts
When it sticks in you rtoe, so
Close your eyes, open your mouth, let's see
If you know what a "deep throat" is
Did you know that it's possible to stick a rasp
Right into your nose

Home is where
Your heart is
Soon your heart's dog bowl
Look at me
I said look at me
I'm gonna cut your tongue out

I guess you're better off dead
So suffocate
Don't even beg for forgiveness
To late

I gonna throw you up, open your mouth
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