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Grab the Mic Lyrics 2Pac


2Pac - Grab the Mic Songtext

-Grab the Mic-

Nobody thought I'd make it, the world call me loser,just a High School drop out, young drug abuser...momma told me they'll be days like this, I never listened,spent my childhood years in my neighborhood prison...the world don't give a fuck about the kids,I could see from the poverty and the evil shit they did,to my young nation...participation, more hesitation could turn leathel,when it ain't no love for a young nigga, he turn evil...and burn people, with no hope, it's no peace,to all my niggas start regulatin' on yo streets...bustin' the neighborhood scadasense of a drug war,there ain't no crutial negociation with Thug Lords...try conversatin', but he won't listen,he said the world is a livin' hell for Gods children...picture 'em still in the penn, doin' life plus two,while I'm starin' at the world thru my rear view...


It's clearer now, cause I'm a noted individual,plus i'm the don, not just a small time criminal...times have changed, homie died, only lives remain,massive amounts of narcotics, help me hide the pain...wishin' on a Benz, came up on a Jag,they got me out for the crime time, reflect on the past...all my homeboys that didn't make it, for you I do it,remember back in the days as young truents...tellin' me to beware because you care,help me to be prepared, cemetary full of homies no longer here...but what babies, lost and watchin' burgulars,too dumb to be a dealer, too young to be a murderer...I'm beggin' you God, don't make they lives too hard,they already scared, too doped up to see the stars...we livin' to die, everybodys high plus I'm high too,staring at the world thru my rear view...


Pictures of plenty, handle a semi, sip a Henny,I hustle for pennies, know my own fear my many...I watched and took notes as a child, I stradegized,witnessin' crack dealin', and drug killin', they scattered lives...niggas don't know me but they think,that we could be closer then homies, nigga you phony so quit buying tricks...mind on my money and funny about my currency,niggas don't wanna see me shootin',but they ain't buryin' me...livin' to tell, prison is hell for a nigga,they using my bail, to put bigger jails for a nigga...father I'm fillin' tired, forgive me cause I'm a sinner,livin' life as a thug, while duckin' cops and the criminals...homies is dead, buried, past times are gone,you ask why I drink liquor, cause my mind is gone...and if I die, then let me watch what we been thru,staring at the world thru my rear view...

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