25 ta life

Ladyluck Lyrics 25 ta life


25 ta life - Ladyluck Songtext

And when I looked into your eyes
All was so bright to see
Gave me a reason worth living
Gave me a reason to wanna breathe
One day sadly your feelings changed
And your love, well you took that away
Come to me with a trusting smile
As you shove the knife right through my heart

And when I see your face
My heart it fills with rage
I want you to know just what you did to me
I want for you to feel the pain you gave to me
I want you to know what it's like to want to end your

Why'd you run away
Why did you go away

Please God help me
Please show me the way
Please God give me the strength
To make it through another day

Hellbound misery torment
Knife is through my heart
Betrayal confusion
Unloved and left for dead
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