22 Pistepirkko

Rat King Lyrics 22 Pistepirkko


22 Pistepirkko - Rat King Songtext

Oh my life has been a sad song,
An agony tone
Oh my life has gone so deep,
Right to the bone
Oh my days have been grizzly,
You know what I mean
All my cars have been dinos,
They've gone extinct

Rat king

Oh my life has been a false start,
Again and again
Oh my head has been a real mess,
Like a zoo of nightmares
All my girlfriends have been stunning,
But they left me so fast
Oh the tv-shop has sucked me,
With gear that didn't last

Rat king

Oh the plot is getting thicker,
Thicker than thieves
All my money's down the sewer,
Like rotten leaves
I'm a birthday party,
Where no one came
Oh my mind has been a madhouse,
Without a name

Rat king
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