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Hello Sunshine Lyrics 22 Pistepirkko


22 Pistepirkko - Hello Sunshine Songtext

Hello sunshine! it's good to see you
I've been down in a rabbit hole
Hello brightness! came here to greet you
It's time to rest on my searching stroll

Hello jackdaw! I want to tell you,
I'm coming from a place that offered nothing to see
Hello magpie! I was so damn low
I even went to meet the devil at the crossroads

Hello sunshine!

Oh my friends, it took so long
I've been down a bit too long

Hello maples, I want to leave the road
To sit under your cooling shade and dream awhile
Hello grasslands! so glad to hear your voice
'cause I've been running and riding for miles

Hello sunshine!

Hello stranger! take a look!
I've gotta cinderella's glass shoe that I'm travelling with.
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