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All Night Caf & Eacute Lyrics 22 Pistepirkko

22 Pistepirkko - All Night Caf & Eacute Songtext

Oh we people are so clever
We can do whatever we want
Oh we are so smart
We can go as far as we want
We can chance the seas
Now water is soiled
We got all the books
Why the air ain’t good
What can we do
What can we do
We can sit all night long
In all night cafe
My little caughter keeps asking me
Hey daddy, what’s this
It’s a picture of a fish
Where do the fishes live
They live in books and memories
What else could I say,
What else could I do
I can sit all night long
In all night cafe
We gave you votes
We gave you hopes
We gave you bullets
What else do you want
What else do you want
Now it’s time to you to go to bed
Tomorrow I tell you about their pets
Now I can’t stay
I must go away
Yee, to all night cafe
To all night cafe
Yee, all night cafe
In all night cafe
Yee, we sit on
In all night cafe
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