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2 Skinnee J's

Next Big Thing Lyrics 2 Skinnee J's

2 Skinnee J's - Next Big Thing Songtext

no doubt i'm quietly freaking out
where is my mind when I need it now
i get tongue tied sometimes
waiting for something to arrive
and it's coming like a thief in the night
but the difference can be seen in the light
and if all I ever had were redemption songs
i stay strong cuz my mic weighs a ton

do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars
do not simply follow
do not mistake kindness for weakness, time to correct that
blindness from too much time spent with you left hand
do not doubt, feel the change at molecular range
now your reign is endangered
do not try to pass us by, or sweep this aside
or your last meal will be your pride

Your next big thing is over 'cause we're coming along
oh yeah, oh yeah...
Here we go the sparks are flying
It's all so electrifying
Your next big thing is over 'cause we're coming along

I've had it now, my brain blanks and panics now
Smoke stings my eyes, while these tracks scratch like static now
Songs spawn like rabbits, forces form like habits
Want it? Have it. Reach it? Grab it.
If you've heard it once you've heard it twice like bigamist
Everything is standing in its place paralysis
I admit to this, I oppose the puppet with ventrilloquist
I thought it, wrote it and transmitted this


We're at where it's on 'cause we've been where it's from
we're goin' off now 'cause it's got to give
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