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2 Skinnee J's

3 Minutes Lyrics 2 Skinnee J's


2 Skinnee J's - 3 Minutes Songtext

Here we go
Ground zero bowdown to the countdown
Bringing ruckus around the compass
From the depth of outer space
To the center of the earth
We're getting down for what it's worth
We're getting down for now

We got 3 minutes and we're out of here
The clock is tickin' and we're in the clear
We got 3 minutes and we're out of here
We got 3 minutes and we're out
We're out(not said 2nd time)

Is this thing on?
Are you hearin' this?
We'll turn it up so you can get the whole wide world feeling this
Yo a penny for my thoughts
A million for my album
Mine my mind for rhymes then sell them
Apocylpse every now and then
But in the mean time between
I'm touring down the coast playing to a gang of flirts
I'm a gang of cities
In a gang of towns
We blow rhymes like 10 vets with metal plates
And the dream is to step up to be leanest
With less then 20 feet and a microphone between us

Well what I mean is
We drop a hammer like Val Venis
Believe us
We rock blocks
So perseve us
The adament abarent associate antecedent


Turn up your aplifier
I am a loud speaker
Wandering like Jews
Intinerant like preacher
Move from town to town to conver the non-believers
Speaking to the kids in the stand and in the bleachers
My destiny's got the best of me
Searching for a spot
Where the pot heaven's pennies be
So we parody a pair of acheivers
Parading imaginary Js you make believers


I run with the yes
Ya'll to bring it back to the future
3 out of 15 minutes oughta suit ya
I rip at the pit spot
Hold back the flip
Hip hop to rock and roll
Bomb you like Nora
Spread like ebola
Its an epidemic
Peacefully about so you better call a medic
I said it before you know we get frenetic
Rhymes abandoned from the microphone partners

We got short time to agitate
We gotta light the fuse
Before it gets to late
Time is of the essence
So you should hold it dear
Give us our 3 minutes and we're outta here

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