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Move somethin' Lyrics 2 Live Crew


2 Live Crew - Move somethin' Songtext


i've been wantin' to tell you this for a while
i like your fake blue eyes and your hoeish style
lets go for a walk in the park
you can suck my dick in the dark
and do what I ask, bitch bend over
let me ride your backside like dogs do eachother
i know that you're with it, so don't start frontin'
i don't want to be your man, I want to move somethin'

listen up baby, you look real pretty
let me pull up your shirt and suck your titty
yes pretty lady, I love you so
since the time we met, my dick has grown
you had other men, now it's my chance
give me some time to take off my pants
the time has come, don't be frontin'
just drop them drawers, lets move somethin'

lets rent a room at a fuck motel
then play this game called ring the sleigh bell
put a do not ditsurb sign on the door
and ride this dick till it gets sore
then open your legs and put it in the buck
'cuz that's the way I like to fuck
it's real simple, it's not really nothin'
all you hve to do is move somethin'

look baby doll, don't lie or front
you know what I need, and you know what I want
lets go to the beach, we'll lay in the sand
and i'll [rove to you that i'm a real man
and the way it felt, it was real tight
into my body and the feelin' was right
it's all for love that you i've been wantin'
just roll those hips, lets move somethin'
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