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Slow Guilt Trot Lyrics 16 Horsepower

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16 Horsepower - Slow Guilt Trot Songtext

Little darling, beautiful
give me the buttons from your dress
climb down from that dirty bed
and I will kiss you, I guess

Never have I felt such a thought
from the wicked side I am taught
In my life I've been furfill in my home
Oh I am scared to the bone

Little darling, waitin' on me
heaven hounds my heart
I came on over to you, girl
an' well you tore me apart

Yes, I know what it must look like
with my knees knocking like they are
in the streets to the bed I'm looking
girl, get in the car.

Can't you see the old school on me
The devil and I flirt
go out and back and fetch a hickory switch boy
I'm gonna hit and make it hurt

Come on girl with your basement eye
Come on girl with your judgment nigh,
I'm too cold and young to be left alone
Oh I am scared to the bone

Yes I know what it must look like
With my knees knockin' like they are
From the streets to the bed, yeh I'm lookin'
Girl, get in the car.
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