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Sac of Religion Lyrics 16 Horsepower


16 Horsepower - Sac of Religion Songtext

I'm a rompin' dead boy on a long road
what happened opened my eyes to this
I'm just trying to keep 'em closed

hey feller what ya got in that sac?
is it something for me?

a little knowing is a dangerous thing boy
please take it from me

'cause I'm gone for today boys
Gone - but never far away

She won't come - an I won't follow
Shadows lick the day
I entertained that thought so much
It'll never go away

Get outta here you yellow bellied snake
slither your way through town
If e'r see you again ~ put you in the ground

'Cause I'm gone for today boys
Gone, but never far away

I'll burn lovely
Swoop on down an grab me round
Land on me ~ I'll burn lovely
Swoop on down ~ jus take off that
singeing singing gown
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