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Harm's Way Lyrics 16 Horsepower


16 Horsepower - Harm's Way Songtext

here ain't nothin' that ain't in my way
an like the fool I am for my own gain I pray
you say you found, a way back inside my closet
ol' bones upon bones an joints upon sockets
yep yey
I am an honest man when I ain't lying
I am a living man when I commecne to dyin'
bring it down bring it down on me
put me on a high horse so everyone can see
then kick the nag an leave me be
swingin' from the tree

listen good people i'll tell you some truth
i got no reason to lie to you
i'm as clean as a hounds tooth
i still love the woman of my youth
the lord on my behalf doth pray
he's with me even in harm's way
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