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Brimstone Rock Lyrics 16 Horsepower


16 Horsepower - Brimstone Rock Songtext

Listen closely to me now my darlin' girl
There's one who's out to have you
an jus his breath will
Burn your curls
don't you fret You needn't bother don't you fret
here comes the father yet
WATCHA DOIN' up atop my roof
creepin' cross them shingles
You 'bout scared me half to death girl
what's your name
Ruthie Lingle
Oye I heard your talkin'
that little Jesus geek fleed a good ass good ass clockin'
Oye I seen your mockin'
don't you dare boy
Thinkm y lord hath done forgotten
I beseech the lord clear my head
before once again I scare the soul
of that girl in my bed
O lord clear my bed for once again
I scar the soul of that girl in my head
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