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Love Among the Ruins Album

Shining Light Lyrics 10000 Maniacs


10000 Maniacs - Shining Light Songtext

Something was pulling me without knowing what was leading me on:
your shining light.
In my darkest hour the only way to bring the dawn was your shining light.
But you're unaware your shining light is even on.
Like with a little glance when you take me by surprise
and I take a chance and see it all through your eyes.
Free me from my history and show me where to draw the line,
by lighting up the mystery,
and you don't even know that it shines.
I'm not worried now about flying too close to the sun.
When December skies are cold,
you know I will always run to your shining light.
I won't abuse it so please just let it glow behind your smile.
Letm e use it,
let me feel the warmth like a little child who understands your glance,
though it takes me by surprise.
And I take a chance and I see it all through your eyes.
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