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Love is Songtext

Hold on to the love you´ve found
Cos love is ... I will always be around
You have made my dream come true
My dream is ... somebody to love like you

And never be afraid
No matter what´s in store
I want to be with you forever more

Love is ... not just a word you say
It´s a very special thing
It means more than just a ring
Love is ... not just a game to play
It could easy break your heart
If you´re not ready from the start

Think abaout the times we shared
And love is...
Showing you how much I cared, oh baby
You´re the one I´m looking for
Now I need ... never be alone no more

I´ll never be afraid
To give my heart to you
I want to love you for ever more

Chorus ...

Saxophon solo

Chorus ... (2x)

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