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Tony Carey If you want me Lyrics


If you want me Songtext

Nobody likes to be alone
nad nobody wants to be afraid
I will be with you baby
wherever you go
you know that
I will be with you when the songs
have all been played
and I, I'll be there if you want me
if you need me
anytime that you call me
if you want me
you used to be my lover this we know
and once upon a time
you were my friend
and I believe in miracles
that you and I could change the world
I believed that we could never end
baby I, I'll be there if you want me...
a little bit of trust never hurt no one
I've never been in love
like this with anyone
how long how long can can you hide
decieve me
you just don't hear me when I cry
when I cry
and baby I, I'll be there if you want me...
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