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Tina Arena Be A Man Lyrics


Be A Man Songtext

If you think I´m satisfied
If you believe everyting´s alright
Then youdon´t know day from night
You don´t see the tears I cry
Can´t deny the way you touch that desire in me
O baby, God knows you do, like nobdoy can

So baby, baby be a man
Baby be a man, baby be a man, be a man to me
I´m doing everything I can to make you understand
Be a man to me

Used to be love at all hours
I never got a good night´s sleep
Nowit´s too hard to believe not long ago
You couldn´t get enough of me
I know that you can deliver
Why don´t lay down and give it to me?
If you don´t want me to leave, just take me hard


If you want me for your woman
Then baby, baby, baby...

Come to me, talk to me, tell me what´s wrong
But baby don´t keep me waiting too long
I can´t hold on...

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