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Verbotene Liebe - Forbidden love Songtext

Dream's come at night
that your're holding me tight
but you won't be there
when I'm crying

Can't hide my love
cause I'm not stong enough
how can I go on without lying baby

Refrain 2x
forbidden love
goes straight to your heart
and I can't stand the pain
when I call out your name
forbidden love
goes straight to your heart
and your soul
losing control

I couldn't believe
that I try to deceive
a fiend who hold trust me forever
I'm just a man
I will do what I can
I'm telling the truth
now or never

Refrain 2x

I'm trying to hide
all these feelings inside
how can I go on
when you leave me


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Da hängt wohl manchmal die "R-Taste", nicht schlimm, danke! :)

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