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The Moffatts When God Made You Lyrics

When God Made You Songtext

God made the oceans and with a wave of his hand
He made the mountains, the desserts and the plains
But I wonder was it in his master plan
That there'd be earthquakes, floods and hurricanes
When I see the peaceful sky, sometimes I wonder
How could it turn so dark and be so cruel
This old world is full of imperfections
But I've found one exception to the ruel

When God made you
He had something else in mind
When God made you
He took a little extra time

When we're surrounded by a world that's slowly sinking
Your gentle eyes and loving smile make me forget
Though you're only flesh and blood, I can't help thinking
If you have a flaw, I haven't found it yet


When God made you
He did something so divine
When God made you
He took a little extra time
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