Best I can Songtext

I'm headed for the top now
You can't bring me down
Pennywise I'm searching for something
In life that can't be found
Best If you got the answers
Then I got the questions
Unlock the mystery
Can Life's too short now for mediocrity
my mind still struggles
Songtexte Through strife and adversity
It's all or nothing now
It's so plain to see
Songtext I'm gonna live for me
Cause I'm doing the best I can
Lyrics I'm part of the master plan
One day at a time
Lyric As the fire burns inside
The clock is ticking
Now my time is almost out
Liedertexte I'm getting sick and tired
Of being knocked around
Wasted days pile up with wasted lives
Liedertext It's not the end for me
It's so hard to be
Alle Trapped in a tragedy
Life is certain but death
It can set you free
Pennywise It's all or nothing now
It's so plain to see
Best It's just the start for me
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